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At Reclaim Everything, we are proud to provide and reclaim vintage lumber from the Northeast region. We supply old growth lumber, making it the ideal material for a variety of different applications. We extend our services to also include antique accessories, furniture building, installations, custom work and more.

Reclaim Everything is New York’s creator and builder of reclaimed wood products. We are proud to provide vintage lumber, salvaged from old barns and other structures in the Northeast region. We supply old growth lumber, which is ideal for a variety of different applications.

Our Services Include:

  • Antique Accessories
  • Furniture Building
  • Reclaimed Wood Furniture
  • Counter tops
  • Custom Work and much more

We Supply Lumber & Furniture For:

  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Local Business Owners
  • General Public

Reclaimed Wood Project

We Specialize in
Old Growth Barn Wood

All of our reclaimed wood is old growth lumber – meaning the wood comes from structures made before 1920. Using antique wood produces an exceptional look, while remaining environmentally conscious. We guarantee the finest quality antique lumber and we only salvage the best quality old growth wood.

Our recycled barn wood is a result of old growth lumber from America’s first forests. Old growth lumber is most popular due to its ability to have lower moisture levels, which in return contributes to higher levels of stability. This lumber also demonstrates unique visual aspects and rare qualities you just can’t find in today’s wood. No piece of old growth wood is identical and thats what makes this wood so beautiful. We guarantee the best quality wood, by having our team go out and personally salvage the wood.

When using recycled old growth wood, it helps the environment by taking the pressure off people to harvest more old growth trees. Incorporating recycled woods into your next project or furniture, not only looks great but preserves our natural resources. It also helps allow other timber to grow for longer and keeps more trees in the forest.


Reclaimed Furniture