Heart Shape cut on Brown Wooden Wall

4 Reasons To Design With Reclaimed Wood

Part of the beauty of reclaimed wood is the degree of uniqueness and rustic appeal that it will add to your home or office. When making the decision to add new flooring or furniture, choosing materials from salvaged wood not only offers an amazing look, it also carries many environmental and economical factors.

4 Reasons to Build with Reclaimed Wood


When choosing to rebuild using existing wood your furnishings will tell a story and be given new life. Whether your coffee table came from an old barn or cabin, there’s something really exciting about the reuse of these materials. All of our materials are from old growth wood, which only includes wood that was built before 1920.

Reclaimed Wood Shutters


After many years of aging in the sun the weathered conditions provide a natural distressed look only mother nature can help craft. Each piece is an original and can never be duplicated which adds to its appeal.


By choosing to reuse materials, you’re eliminating the amount of waste going into our landfills, which in turn keeps lower amounts of lumber from being disposed as waste. As the need for wood increases trees are being cut down at a much faster rate than they’re growing. Using recycled materials can help decrease deforestation and contribute to a more green-conscious lifestyle.

Brown wooden wall with a hole in the shape of heart and forest of pine and beech

Unlike newer wood, old growth trees had to fight in order to survive. They were not nurtured during growth and would have to put up a fight to receive nutrients and sunlight. Only the toughest survived and because of this reclaimed materials are less likely to cup or twist. The growth of these trees happened over decades giving them more than enough time to mature. Reclaimed wood flooring will also save you the stress of worrying about scuff and scratches, if you have kids or pets these floors are tough enough to withstand both.

Upcycled Wood Flooring

All of these characteristics create a recipe for breathtaking furniture or flooring that is sure to last for many years. History, quality and sustainability are timeless trends that never go out of style. Whether you’re looking for custom furniture or would like to purchase the materials “as-is” to build with, we’ve got you covered. We extend our architectural salvage services to a wide range of businesses, individuals, contractors and architects who are looking to build beautiful up-cycled materials.