Top 5 Reclaimed Wood Antique Flooring Options

Here at Reclaim Everything we take exceptional pride in repurposing the most beautiful wood around. Most of the wood we acquire comes from early America barns, and are generally in strong condition. If you are considering reflooring your home, you want us for your project! Whether you’re thinking of a look that is polished and refined, or one that is earthy and rustic, we can find and customize the best fit for you. Of course, you want to know the best options for your reclaimed floor, so check out our five best choices in wood for resurfacing your house!


Antique Oak

The Mighty Oak. So named not only for its durability, but also its strong presence in the forests of early America. Found in many classical American structures such as barns and churches, the reclaimed siding, granary boards, and rafters, Antique Oak provides the most rustic flooring experience for your home. Add to that the appeal of its wormholes, saw marks, and varying grain patterns, and you’ve got a complete Antique Oak flooring experience!


Antique Heart Pine Rustic

Its vibrant orange-yellow and incredibly tight grain distinguishes Antique Heart Pine Rustic from other traditional woods. A strong and durable wood, Antique Heart Pine was often used for support beams in mills and factories during the days of the Industrial Revolution. This speaks to its durability, making it a perfect fit for a high traffic area like a hallway as it also provides a warm and welcoming energy.


Antique Walnut

Looking to refine a bold colored room? Antique Walnut is an excellent choice in Antique Flooring. Antique Walnut will heighten the sophistication of any room with its lush, deep, browns and swirls of caramel. Although it is a rather rare find, Antique Walnut will do our best to find it for you to customize your home or office!


Antique Hickory

If you’re looking to redesign for a modern space, but want a touch of classic appeal with reclaimed hardwood flooring, then you may want to consider Antique Hickory. Providing a strong contrast of light and dark wood tones, this wood blends perfectly with modern furniture and art. A refreshing yet bold choice, Antique Hickory is durable for a children’s playroom as well as your contemporarily decorated living or bedroom!


Antique Douglas Fir

If you’re looking for something lighter in color, consider Antique Douglas Fir for your flooring. This flooring looks great in a kitchen or an office given its versatility and sleek, professional appearance. Generally found in turn of the century warehouses and factories, Antique Douglas Fir is durable and usually straight grained. The wide spaced planks make sense for broader spaces as well!