Reclaimed Wood

8 DIY Projects Using Reclaimed Wood

During the cold winter months, you may find yourself stuck at home for a snow day. When that happens, it’s a nice idea to pick a fun and creative project to pass the time. A great source material for such a project is salvaged barn wood. Our team has compiled a list of some cool do-it-yourself projects that anyone can take on using reclaimed wood.

1. Repurposed Wooden Shoe Rack

Reclaimed wood can make for a trendy looking shoe rack. This can also be pretty easy to construct depending on the size rack you’d like. You can build a small rack with only several pieces of wood, and maybe some unused metal to create legs for it.

2. Reclaimed Wood Panel Walkway

Although this may not be a project you’d want to undertake during a snowstorm, we love the idea of a reclaimed wood pathway. Imagine walking through your backyard over panels of stained or painted salvaged wood. This creates a lovely atmosphere for the yard, and looks like a lot of work went into it, when in fact, it’s very easy to do.

3. Rustic Mirror Frame

Try repurposing an old mirror by using reclaimed wood for the frame. You could of course create a brand new mirror, but that may be a little more time consuming and more expensive. Making a new frame for your mirror out of salvaged barn wood will give it a rustic feel, and will definitely be a strong focal point for any room.

4. Salvaged Wood Headboard

Your bedroom can be transformed into a personal, earthy space by adding a handmade headboard to your bed. If you are feeling particularly artistic, you can up your creativity by spray painting a personal message or single word on the headboard. It is sure to make your room pop with creative energy.

5. Shelves of Salvaged Wood

Reclaimed wood can make for beautiful shelves in any room. Fairly easy to do, this is a great project to take on during a snow day. Staining or painting your shelves in different colors could make your new shelves look trendy and fun.

6. Wall Art

Any size of reclaimed wood with some writing or painting on it will add to the decor of any home. Some reclaimed wood, some spray paint, hammer and nails, and you’re set! Using repurposed barn wood as your canvas is a cool way to get creative.

Salvaged barn wood clock

7. Reclaimed Wooden Clock

Perhaps this one may be a bit more complicated since you would need to do some wiring. But, a clock painted onto a piece of reclaimed wood is a really fun and functional idea.

No matter which project you choose, any one of these ideas are great ways to repurpose pieces of reclaimed wood. Do it yourself projects like these are bound to be a productive and creative way to spend any snow day. Don’t forget that this is also a great way to reduce waste and utilize natural resources. Contact our team at Reclaim Everything for some bigger projects and ideas!