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Antique Eatery: Reclaimed Wood Restaurant Tables

Any restaurant owner will tell you that ambiance is key to running a successful restaurant. The menu is important, but the atmosphere is vital. One of the most popular trends is the use of reclaimed wood for restaurant tables. They provide a vintage feel to any eatery. Some of the top restaurants in the tri-state area are taking part in the reclaimed movement.

Blue Hill Stone Barns

Thirty miles north of New York City is the quaint yet refined Blue Hill at Stone Barns. A working four-season farm, Blue Hill features some of the most beautiful reclaimed wood as its furniture. The theme of reclaimed wood isn’t all that Blue Hill offers in the way of environmentally friendly options. In its mission to create a consciousness about the effect of everyday food choices, there aren’t menus at Blue Hill Stone Barns. Utilizing the resources of surrounding fields and pastures, guests are offered the multi-taste Grazing, Pecking, Rooting menu featuring the best offerings from the local field and market. This creates an entire eco-friendly experience for anyone who visits.

Bar Primi New York

Located in the Bowery of New York City, this upscale pasta shop provides a perfect antique ambiance for its diners. From reclaimed wood flooring, to their reclaimed round top tables, Bar Primi delivers a full rustic experience. Owner Andrew Carmellini proudly serves up dishes ranging from lamb amatriciana in bucatini to spaghetti in tomato sauce with Parmigiano. All of Bar Primi’s pasta is made from a variety of non-GMO semolina and specialty ‘00’ flours, organic eggs and family recipes to create a menu of traditional and seasonal dishes.


Reclaimed wood restaurant table

The Smile

With four locations in New York City, The Smile serves their Mediterranean based cuisine in a reclaimed wood experience from top to bottom. Framed in exposed brick, this restaurant features reclaimed oak ceilings, floors, and tables. The menu has something for everyone from breakfast burritos to maple bacon sliders, and even offers a prix-fixe Thanksgiving dinner for the upcoming holiday. The chain originates from its downtown location on Bond Street which is located inside a 1830’s Federal Style Townhouse. All these factors combined create a historical vibe, perfect for any antique enthusiast.

If you are looking for inspiration for your own restaurant, or home dining, you’ll be able to find it at one of these eateries. But don’t forget that Reclaim Everything can custom make practically any table to suit your aesthetic. Call us today and get eating in an antique atmosphere!