Barn Salvage in Long Island, New York

Green companies like Reclaim Everything in Northport New York are reconditioning old barn wood or old growth wood to save new forests. In many cases this wood is 100 years old or more. Most wood that’s over a 100 years old is said to be more durable, because of the extra time it received to properly mature. New aged wood doesn’t get the opportunity to fully mature to provide strength and durability. Our reclaimed lumber is normally used for home building, architectural details, furniture, cabinets and flooring. We also create garage doors made from quality pieces of wood.



The beauty of wood often gets better with age. These wood grains cannot be duplicated with any engineered wood. The wood is extremely durable and hard. The best part about this wood is no single piece is alike. All recycled wood is praised for its unique structure of grains and extremely rich color.


Just recently Johnson’s, a Long Island Farm, in Commack NY, is having Reclaim Everything dismantle their barn. This barn was built in the early 1900’s, it’s made from 100% old growth wood. Our plan is to salvage the barn and have it materials re-used in homes and business of Long Island. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to help recycle Long Islands wood and contribute to the cause of an environmentally conscious future.


WOW! Recovery of wood helps save our environment.