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We are proud to be a legit reclaimed company that builds anything our customers dream up! Not only do we build our products by hand, we are able to customize each part of the project from the structure to the end color result.


We are known for our color finishes, and our satisfied customers always ask what our process is. Although we can’t give away our secrets, we can give you a general idea of how we treat our wood from start to finish on any project that we do.




At Reclaim Everything, all of our wood must be cleaned before any of our projects begin. Our old growth wood comes straight off the barn. We must brush off the loose dirt, wood, de-grease and de-nail every piece that will be used in the build.




Our reclaimed barnwood that is used in our projects have been exposed to the natural elements of its environment. The dry out process depends on what time of year you are trying to dry it out. It will take longer for the old growth wood to dry out during the rainy and damp weather than the warm and dry seasons.


Here at Reclaim Everything, we do not use a Kiln to dry our barnwood.


What is a kiln? A kiln is a furnace or oven for burning, baking, or drying.


Using this method will dry out your barnwood too quickly and will have a higher chance of it splitting. It can also cause the barnwood to shrink.




This is the part of the process that we can’t give away all of our secrets …


Each project varies with how long it takes to finish here at Reclaim Everything. It also depends on what the customer specifications are on their custom piece. Some projects require more layers of color than others.


Our customized tables take longer than our accent old growth wood wall pieces. We like to use a natural flat paint when getting our color perfect for the particular barnwood project.


When you come to Reclaim Everything, you will get the best customer service as well as authentic old growth wood. We always say, that when it comes to building any kind of customized barnwood project, the skies the limit!


There are no rules when it comes to barnwood projects!