Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

If you’re considering using up-cycled or reclaimed wood for furniture, it’s a great choice! This decision not only gives your home or business the look of aged beauty, but also helps out the environment. When deciding which materials to use for re-doing your garage or home, many people are overwhelmed with many choices. Reclaimed wood is very popular and the benefits go above and beyond the beauty and character it displays.


Environmentally Friendly:


Environmentally Friendly Building Options
At Reclaim Everything we appreciate the opportunity to knock down barns and re-use the materials.
Recycling wood from salvaged barns and older wood structures, helps slow down growth of landfills. By re-using the wood your helping stop the ever growing landfills from increasing at a faster rate. Modern made products, are frequently made using petroleum based plastic products, which has a negative impact on the environment. By using reclaimed wood, your helping lower production of manufacturing, that is unfriendly to our environment. When converting recycled, wood the manufacturing process is less harsh to our earth. Also keep in mind, using antique wood saves trees in the forest which in turn, saves all our little friends who live there.


Visually Appealing:


Visually-appealing Reclaimed Wood
Beauty is one of the top reasons the demand for reclaimed wood is growing so high in numbers. With each piece more unique than the other you’ll be receiving an assortment of wood designs that are truly captivating. The history of the wood speaks for itself, through each grain and every edge. It’s impossible to duplicate the elegance from wood that’s been aged naturally. The beauty of your home or business is always enhanced when you add vintage materials.

Long Term Benefits:


Strength of Old Growth Lumber
Durability is first on the list when choosing wood materials for your home, furniture and accessories. No one wants worry about a shelve not being sturdy enough to hold their valued goods. Using recycled wood, specifically old growth, will provide the greatest strength because of the amount of time the trees its made from had to mature. The greater amount of time a tree receives to mature, the better its strength and durability. Most reclaimed items also require less maintenance, because they’ve already been worn and weathered. It’s more difficult to stain or damage wood that’s aged over the years.

The greatest benefit of using reclaimed wood is the added beauty you just can’t get from newer wood. Many wood companies will try and make newer wood look aged or vintage but it’s never the same. Creating the vintage look for new lumber is just not the same. Furniture should tell a story and using vintage furniture allows the story to be more interesting.