Upstate NY Old Growth Wood Barn Reclaimed

Custom Made Furnishings from Reclaimed Old Growth Wood

Reclaimed wood furniture is constructed using recycled or repurposed lumber, which is often rescued and collected from older wooden structures like barns, factories and other historic buildings. Sometimes smaller wooden objects like wine barrels or upcycled furniture can be used as timber as well. At Reclaim Everything we not only stock unique lumber and materials, we also custom< create furniture and distinctively designed pieces using reclaimed and old growth wood!

Building with previously used materials not only boasts environmental benefits, but aesthetic bonuses, as well! By using reclaimed materials, you are keeping old lumber out of landfills, and reducing deforestation in the collection of new materials. But in addition, older timbers offer a rugged and natural appeal with built-in character that has been acquired from years of natural weathering and environmental distressing. Old growth wood creates extremely durable, and incredibly unique furnishings that offer personality and history to each piece; their scuffs and imperfections tell stories of their past while showcasing an offbeat and raw beauty.

At Reclaim Everything, your vision is our specialty. All of our repurposed materials are hand-picked and meticulously reviewed by our knowledgeable craftsman, who search out qualities like unusual colors or grain attributes. We will work with you to create the perfect rare and eye-catching piece to accent your home, office or workplace, while also highlighting the imperfections in the wood grain that make it so unique. Whether you’re searching for an antique wood wine rack, custom furniture design, or dining table, we can create an exclusive piece that you won’t see anywhere else.

Upstate NY Old Growth Wood Barn Reclaimed

Most of our reclaimed lumber materials come from old barns, like the one above. Our experienced team reviews and inspects each piece to ensure that it is salvageable


This rustic vanity was designed by the craftsmen at Reclaim Everything for one of our clients; the unique quality and design adds an element of the unexpected, when compared to traditional cabinetry

Custom Made Upcycled Wine Rack

Wine storage as eclectic and unique as the bottles it holds; Install a fun and surprising wine rack to showcase your collection, or add an interesting decor component to your dining space