Are you looking for a unique custom reclaimed furnishing to accent or your home or business?

At Reclaim Everything, we repurpose vintage lumber that has been salvaged from old barns and other structures. We take pride in bringing life back into the reclaimed wood and restoring its natural beauty. We make one of a kind pieces that will add character and history to your environment.


Each day, at Reclaim Everything, we hear people tell us their story. They share with us their visions of what they would like their custom piece and environment to look like.


Let’s walk through the creative process of how we bring their stories to life…




The process of creating a custom piece truly varies based on each client. Our clients come to us with a vision and a budget. We show him or her what options they have within that budget and together we brainstorm about the idea and what the end result will look like. Our knowledgeable craftsmen pay attention to every detail from the type of old grown wood to the specific design and hardware.





We use reclaimed barnwood, beams, windows, molding, doors and other recycled materials while remaining environmentally conscious. Using antique hardware adds character and really finishes any piece. Once we have the design in place, we walk our clients through the samples we have in our showroom that is located in Huntington Station. Together, we look at the various species, grain attributes, color styles, finishes etc.





Once the finishing’s have been finalized, the creative process starts. We will always update our clients with each step and encourage them to come in and see the reclaimed project come to life. Each layer of stain, paint or polyurethane takes time and is never rushed. It needs to dry completely before the next layer goes on. This ensures the finest quality. Once we have completed our client’s vision, it is ready to be picked up.


*Photos Features a Reclaimed Barnwood Wine Cabinet*


We have created thousands of unique custom reclaimed barnwood furnishings for restaurants, business owners and homeowners.


All reclaimed barnwood custom projects require a 50% deposit once an estimate has been provided. All orders generally require 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Let us help your one of a kind vision come to life.