Reclaimed Barn Wood Walls

Reclaim Architectural Salvage

Architectural Salvaging Offers Unique Decor with a Repurposed Edge

Not only does architectural salvage allow you to add decor to your home or office from historic structures, such as glass doorknobs or stained glass windows, but it also gives you the opportunity to use these amazing vintage finds outside of their originally intended purpose! At Reclaim Everything we love exploring older houses and structures to salvage unique and interesting pieces that our clients will breathe new life into.

Let’s think outside the box with a few of our favorite finds!


Glass Doorknobs:
Aside from their original function, glass or crystal doorknobs make for fantastic wall hooks! Whether you’re using them as towel pegs for a guest bathroom or outdoor shower space, vintage glass knobs are a memorable and fun way to decorate your space!


Stained Glass Windows:
A classic stained glass window is an amazing hanging piece in a sunporch or greenhouse! Using the light catching glass as a hanging piece of art vs. an actual window is a definite conversation starter, and still allows you to have stunning stained glass in your home, without the concerns of insulation in the cold winter months!
Reclaimed Windows


Vintage Tools:
Another great opportunity for some repurposing! Bending vintage wrenches into wall hooks are a fantastic addition to a mudroom or workshop wall! Create vintage character with modern function!


Glass or Wooden Doors:
Intact framed glass or wooden doors are always an especially exciting find in architectural salvaging. Instead of replacing a door in your home, you can use a several different doors connected as a vintage-inspired room divider! Combine different frame paint colors and patterns for a truly unique piece that you won’t find anywhere else!
Reclaimed Barn Wood Walls


The inventory in our Northport, NY workshop is constantly changing, as we are consistently bringing in new finds and treasures. If you’re looking for design inspiration or alternative purposes to a salvaged piece, the skilled craftsman at Reclaim Everything are on hand to review and create amazing custom pieces that will add the perfect accent to your space.