Old Wooden Barn

Reclaimed Barn Wood: Collection to Creation

Old growth wood doesn’t grow on trees…

With a business centered around working with renewable resources, Reclaim Everything knows a thing or two about sustainable materials. For years we have been creating custom furnishings using recycled timber, reclaimed wood, vintage barn beams and siding, and antique lumber that is considered “old growth”. Old Growth wood refers to lumber from trees that have reached their full maturity, typically dating back 200 plus years.


Timber from Old Growth Wood

Every piece that we create at Reclaim Everything has a story that dates back hundreds of years. The recycled timber that we use is an ideal material; the aged lumber has a low moisture content that is incredibly stable for rustic, exposed designs. In addition, most timber from old growth is incredibly dense, offering a vast structural value. Aside from offering extreme quality and style, old growth wood is an optimal choice for those of us who are environmentally conscious; by using reclaimed old growth you are choosing a sustainable option in lieu of logging and deforestation of new growth forests.





When a barn has sat idly for years, or the elements have slowly eroded a building over the years, many are quick to dismiss the structure as an eyesore. At Reclaim Everything we see possibility. We look for structures that were built soundly, but have had natural aging from the elements. Our team will dismantle and inspect every board and beam, preserving the pieces that hold structural and aesthetic value. Each handpicked piece of timber is returned to our Northport, NY shop to be transformed into unique pieces for your home or office space.



Collaborating & Creating

Architectural Salvage at Reclaim Everything

Our shop houses lumber from various species and origin structures, such as barns, historic homes, and vintage flooring. We also carry a collection of metalwork pieces, including hinges, light fixtures, knobs and closures, as well as windows, mantle pieces and mirrors. We can custom create any design project you have in mind; and if you know you want something “different” but aren’t entirely sure which direction you’d like to go, our staff of design experts are on hand to help with inspiration, knowledge and ideas for a truly one-of-a-kind piece. At Reclaim Everything we take great pride in each product that leaves our shop, and work closely with our clients to customize each piece to their total satisfaction.